It’s time for a drink

Fine wines and varied drinks

A drinks menu that’s fun to explore, where tried and tested classics alternate with unexpected aromas and flavours. And, of course, it’s fun to try them out!


On a festive occasion with all the family, in good company over an aperitivo lungo with finger food, or in a romantic twosome. Let us advise and inspire you; and we will be pleased to recommend the right wine to go with your meal.

It's never to early for a gin


BlueJean Seppila

Gin Mare

The Botanist

Floral refreshment with rose petals and cucumber.

Dry gin from the Dolomites with special botanicals.

Mediterranean flavours like a fresh sea breeze.

A complex variety of aromas with a resinous note.

Find your spirit

Sip stylish cocktails or a digestif and make yourself comfortable at our bar or on the terrace. As a special extra after work, we offer our aperitivo lungo with finger food and great music.

Our long and short drinks

Aperol Spritz



Don Camillo Negroni and His Monkey

Moscow Mule

Your own perfect, light aperitif.

The traditional aperitif cocktail - not just for Bond fans.

For that special moment where there’s something to celebrate.

Bitter sweet dolce vita taste.

Cult drink with vodka and a shot of ginger beer.

It’s wine o’clock

The exquisite vintages that we have assembled for you come from all over the world. And, of course, local wines from South Tyrol also have their rightful place in our selection.