Ice Ice Baby

Our sweet seductions

Lovers of the sweeter side of life will find plenty to keep them happy on our large sun terrace. The cakes, tortes and tartlets from our in-house patisserie are a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. And to go with them are cool drinks or our delicious Italian coffee creations.


In addition to these sweet seductions, there’s also an extensive ice cream menu to tempt sweet tooths. And best of all - everyone can compose their own ice cream sundae.

Ingredients for your ice cream dish

totally to your taste

Choose the basis for your very own ice cream sundae for yourself.

Creamy ices with vanilla, chocolate, stracciatella and tiramisù or, if you prefer, fruitily fresh with strawberries, apple, fruits of the forest or lemon.

Choose from a colourful range of fresh fruits of the season.

Sweet temptations with caramel, chocolate, strawberry or kiwi flavour.

Smarties, chocolate chips, amaretti, coconut flakes or mini macarons ...whatever tastes good goes!

Take a sweet

Cakes and tortes taste best when they are home made. Our apple strudel isn’t the only dessert that’s worth trying out. Treat yourself to a taste from the entire range of sweet works of art from our patisserie.